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Finished theses 2007 - 2011

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  • Shishido, H. : 11 Jahre Zertifizierung des Freiburger Stadtwaldes - Anspruch und Realität in der Wahrnehmung der Entscheidungsträger in Politik und Verwaltung.
  • Sträuber, D.: Beratungsbedarf werdender Bioenergiedörfer im Schwarzwald. Eine Analyse auf der Basis von qualitativen Interviews.
  • Woynowski, B.: "Online denken, lokal handeln". Explorative Studie zur Onlinekommunikation von Schlüsselakteuren in Erneuerbare-energien-Regionen.


  • Rongrongmuang, W.: Climate Change Perception of Dive Tourism Industry in Thailand.
  • Quadt, V.: Die 100 Prozent GmbH – Eine Fallstudie zu den Hintergründen, Motivationen und Strategien der Akteure eines Wirtschaftsverbandes für erneuerbare Energien in der Region Freiburg.



  • Acosta, O.: Adaptive Urban Water Demand to an Uncertain World. A Case Study: Citizen's cooperation during the supply crisis of Bogota in 1997.
  • Klingler, F.: Fallstudien zur Situation der Nationalen Initiativen des Forest Stewardship Council in Chile und Peru. Quo vadis FSC?
  • Mathow, T.: Application of the individual free based BWI-Lothar model to predict storm damage on the stand scale. 
  • Montpetit, A.: Assessment of tourism operators' attitudes toward nature and restoration of natural capital in the Gamtoos Valley, South Africa.
  • Schindler, K.: Corporate Social Responsibility in der Deutschen Möbel- und Papierindustrie.
  • Volz, P.: Analysis of Local Renewable Energy Activities in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, USA and India.
  • Yan, L.: Wind Power Development in China. Analysis of the Legal and Political Constraints Facing the Private Sector.



  • Bachurova, A.: The Role of Private Actors as Norm-Entrepreneurs in Water Governance Networks.
  • Batkova, E.: Exploring the Presence of the "Functions of Technological Innovation Systems" in the EU Bio-fuels      Legislation and One Policy Document
  • Buntzel, C.: Deutschrechtliche Forstgenossenschaften als Common Property Regime.
  • Elsworth, R.: Sustainable Development and the Clean Development Mechanisms: Market Tools for a Market Based       Approach.
  • Franca Oyo, F.: Governing Roads in the Amazon: A Critical Analysis of Tools and Approaches.
  • Gilbert, B.: The role of Biogas in the Agricultural Sector of France.
  • Hellmann, E.: Potentialanalyse des Electronic-Tool for Accountable Supply Chains aus Stakeholdersicht.
  • Klingler, F.: Fallstudien zur Situation der Nationalen Initiativen des Forest Stewardship council in chile und Peru.
  • Kim, S.: Analysis of Food Polica Measures: Identification of causes of policy responses to food price changes 2006-2008.
  • Läufer, R.: Konfrontatives Verhalten vs. Kooperationsbereitschaft in der Einflussnahme von NGO's.
  • Mbongo, W.: Institutional Arrangements and Coordination Mechanisms to Implement Natural Resource Management     Strategies in Namibia.
  • Moring, J.: Two Case Studies on the Climate Change Adaption Strategies of the Insurance Sector.
  • Njantang, G. B.: Tropical forest management planning analysis: Case of Cameroon.
  • Oliveira Diniz, L.: The governance of Energy Efficiency in Brazil: Public Sector and the performance contract case.
  • Papst, I.: How stakeholders can address potential conflicts constructively: Two case studies from biogas production         plants.
  • Pinto, A. L.: Reviewing Sustainability reporting Practices for the Peruvian Mining Sector.
  • Tachibana, T.: World Bank and Climate Change. Contribution to the objective of the UNFCCC through financing        sustainable energy.
  • Tesileanu, R.: Valuing Non-Market Environmental Goods. A critical analysis of various valuation methods.
  • Thomas, J. L.: Redd Governance: Corruption as a Catalyst for Deforestation in Ecuador.
  • Wang, W.: Observing Corporate Social Responsibility's Development in China - Through the Comparison between SA        8000 and Labour Law of P. R. China
  • Ying, L.: Earning money with Chinese Non-Timber Forest Products: the value chains of mu err-mushroom, bamboo         shoots and medicinal herbs in Germany
  • You, B.: How to ensure the co-benefits of emission reduction and biodiversity conservation through REED.



  • Bloch, S.: Validierung von Biomassefunktionen für Buche (Fagus sylvativa L.) in Südwestdeutschland.
  • Fernandes, R.: Value of Corporate Political Networking: Surveyed Examples in the Area of Renewable Energies.
  • Hennrich, A.: Ökoeffizienzanalyse für Maßnahmenkombinationen im dezentralen Hochwasserschutz.
  • Hummel, Y.-K.: Stakeholder im Dialog - NGO's als Anspruchsgruppen eines Finanzdienstleisters.
  • Lin, S-Y.: A case study of  National Aboriginal Forestry Association. Is Social Capital crucial between NAFA and NAFA          members for a collective action?
  • Nichiforel, L.: Assessing rent-seeking behaviours in Romanian private forestry from a property-rights perspective.
  • Nichiforel, R.: Corporate Socially Responsible Practices in the context of romanian forest-based industries.
  • Nullans, L.: Le changement des modes de ventes de bois en foret publique francaise: une analyse du point de          vuede de la nouvelle economie des Institutions.
  • Qiu, S.: Possible Synergies between Carbon Forestry and FSC.
  • Ragna, J.: Die Privatisierung des Landeswaldes Schleswig-Holstein. eine Diskursanalyse.
  • Seehusen, S.: Can payments for ecosystem services contribute to sustainable development in the Brazialian Amazon?
  • Tubua, W.: Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in Cameroon.
  • Wen, Ph.: Die ökonomische Bedeutung der Kohlenstoffsenke Wald.
  • Wilkes, J.: Assessing Sustainability Impacts of European Forest Policies on Forest Land Using Economic and Social Indicators.
  • Wissmann, J.: Subsidies and Global Warming. The Case of Fossil Fuels in Venezuela.


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