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Research projects

  • FIASKO  "Forstbetriebsführung im Ausnahmezustand - Strategieentwicklungspotentiale für kommunale Forstbetriebe im Klimawandel" - Vorstudie. (MLR-Projekt in Kooperation mit der Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft Rottenburg, Ansprepersonen: simon.reinhold@ife.uni-freiburg.de, henry.mehring@ife.uni-freiburg.de)

  • ClimXtreme Verbundprojekt Modul C Impacts - Teilprojekt 11: WIND - Auswirkungen von Winterstürmen in Mitteleuropa. (BMBF-Projekt; Ansprechperson: Prof. Dr. Marc Hanewinkel)

  • Economic implications of climate change induced tree species distribution shifts on the provisioning of forest ecosystem goods and services in Central America. Contact: Lukas Baumbach

  • Development of a management system for mixed tropical reforestation systems with native tree species.
    Contact: Anja Nölte.

  • Minimisation of Storm Damage Risk in Forests considering Changing Climate (MiStriKli). Contact: Robin Bourke.

  • Adaptation and implementation strategies for coppice forests on steep slopes with outstanding protection functions (KlimaNiederwald). Contact: Adriane März

  • Forest density reduction to minimize the vulnerability of Norway spruce and silver fir to extreme drought – a risk assessment (ForRISK). Contact: Prof. Dr. Marc Hanewinkel

  • FORest MAnagement Scenarios for Adaptation and Mitigation. (FORMASAM). Contact: Dr. Rasoul Yousefpour.

  • Determining the Insurance Value of EcoSystems. (DIVES). Contact: Peter Antkowiak.

  • Unpredictable environment – dealing with uncertainty and ignorance” Contact: Dr. Roderich von Detten.

  • Beech-Fir mixtures as adapation strategy of managed forests to the extreme events of climate change (BuTaKli). Contact: Dominik Sperlich.

  •  REsearch And innovation CapaciTies in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (REACT)
    Contact: Dr. Roderich v. Detten.


Postdoctoral (Habilitation) projects

  • Climate change as a state of emergency? – on dealing with risks, insecurity and complexity in the strategic management of organizations within the domain of the environment (Dr. Roderich von Detten)


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