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Dr. Dominik Sperlich

Post-doctoral researcher in the project BuTaKli analysing the costs and risks of potential climate change impacts and managment regimes on forest growth of Fagus sylvatica and Abies alba and eventually applying Simulation-Optimization models as support tool for decision making. Email: dominik.sperlich@ife.uni-freiburg.de

Professional Career


Since 08/2016 post-doctoral scientist at the Department of Forestry Economics and Forest Planning, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Freiburg (Germany)

10/2015-07/2016 Teacher for English, German, French at LMidiomes in Lleida (Spain) http://lmidiomes.com/es/

07/2015-07/2016 Research associate University of Barcelona (Spain)

10/2010-09/2013 Research associate at CREAF (Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain) within the ITN Marie-Skłodowska-Curie actions “GreencyclesII: Global Biosphere Climate Interactions”. http://www.greencycles.org/



2012-2015 PhD at CREAF (Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain) and University of Barcelona (Spain) within the ITN Marie-Skłodowska-Curie actions “GreencyclesII: Global Biosphere Climate Interactions”. http://www.greencycles.org/ Title: Mediterranean forest in a changing environment - Impacts of drought and temperature stress on tree physiology. https://prezi.com/uq1vnxsdm3kx/mediterranean-forests-in-a-changing-environment/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy

2008-2010 MSc in European Forestry - Erasmus Mundus double-degree between University of Joensuu (Finland) and BOKU University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna (Austria). http://europeanforestry.eu/fi/mscef-studies. Thesis: "Investigation of Single Tree Parameters in Deciduous Forests".

2005-2008 BSc in Forestry and Environment (Waldwirtschaft und Umwelt) at Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg (Germany). Thesis: "Quality Development of Toona ciliata under Schelterwood".



Carnicer, J. *, Barbeta, A.*, Sperlich, D. *, Coll, M., and Peñuelas, J. (2013). Contrasting trait syndromes in angiosperms and conifers are associated with different responses of tree growth to temperature on a large scale. Frontiers in Plant Science. 4, 409.

Morfopoulos, C., Sperlich, D., Peñuelas, J., Cubells, I. F., Llusi, J., Possell, M., Sun, Z., Prentice, I. C., and Medlyn, B. E. (2014). A model of plant isoprene emission based on available reducing power captures responses to atmospheric CO2. New Phytol. 203, 125–139.

Sperlich D, Chang CT, Peñuelas J, Gracia C, Sabaté S. (2014). Foliar photochemical processes and carbon metabolism under favourable and adverse winter conditions in a Mediterranean mixed forest, Catalonia (Spain). Biogeosciences 11: 5657–5674.

Zhou S, Medlyn B, Sabaté S, Sperlich D, Prentice IC. 2014. Short-term water stress impacts on stomatal, mesophyll and biochemical limitations to photosynthesis differ consistently among tree species from contrasting climates. Tree physiology 34: 1035–1046.

Chang CT, Sabaté S, Sperlich D, Poblador S, Sabater F, Gracia C (2014). Does soil moisture overrule temperature dependence of soil respiration in Mediterranean riparian forests? Biogeosciences 11: 6173–6185.

Sperlich D, Chang CT, Peñuelas J, Gracia C, Sabaté S. (2015). Seasonal variability of foliar photosynthetic and morphological traits and drought impacts in a Mediterranean mixed forest. Tree Physiology 35: 501-520.

Sperlich D, Barbeta A, Ogaya R, Sabaté S, Penuelas J (2015). Balance between carbon uptake and release: impacts of long-term drought on foliar respiration and photosynthesis in Q. ilex. Journal of Experimental Botany. doi: 10.1093/jxb/erv492

Chang, C.-T., Sperlich, D., Sabaté, S., Sánchez-Costa, E., Cotillas, M., Espelta, J., & Gracia, C. (2016). Mitigating the Stress of Drought on Soil Respiration by Selective Thinning: Contrasting Effects of Drought on Soil Respiration of Two Oak Species in a Mediterranean Forest. Forests, 7(11), 263.

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