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Dr. Rasoul Yousefpour


Dr. Rasoul Yousefpour

Dr. Raoul Yousefpour

Assistant Professor (Akademischer Rat a. Z.)









Opportnities for MSc Thesis (Themen für Masterarbeiten)

  • Topic (Perception, concerns, and behaviors in dealling with climate change), Theory (New Ecological Paradigm, Planned Behavior), Method (Survey, Statistics, Interviews), Focus (Countries, Regions, Scientific Fields)

  • Topic (Modelling of firest ecosystems and their services and contributions to human welfare), Theory (Ecophysiology, Carbon cycle, Forest growth, Forest management, Forest economy, Forest distribution, Decision science), Method (Data aquisation, Modelling, Simulation, Optimization, Decision Support System), Focus (European Forest, Tropical (Re)Afforestation, Agroforestry, Forest conservation)

  • Topic (Risk Analysis, Uncertainty Analysis, Insurance), Theory (Bayesian inference, Insurance portfolio, Nature-based solutions), Method (Case study analysis, Simulation, Data abalysis, Decision approaches), Focus (Landscape, Renewable Energy Systems, Natural Hazards, Cost-benefit analysis)

Projects and main research topics

  • Waldklimafund Projects (MisTriKli, BuTaKli), EU Marie Curie RISE project "SuFoRun", EU Cost Actions (Profound, Converges, Pesfor-W), EFI nettwork project "ForMaSam", DFG Emmy-Nother-Indipendent-Research Program "Forest Management in the Earth System", EU FP7 Project: "MOTIVE", EU FP6 Project: "EFORWOOD", German-French University Program "FORIX", Swiss SNF project "Dives"

  • Operations Research in Forestry e. g. Optimization, Forest Modelling and Decision-making, Climate Change Risk Mangement, Adaptive Forest Mangement Modelling, Dynamic Forest and Climate Decision-making, Economic Implications of provisioning Ecosystem Goods and Services (e. g. Biodiverity, Carbon), Robust decisions, Forest ecosystem-based management, Climate Smart Forestry



04.2005–12.2009: Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.) "Risk Management in Forestry" , University of Freiburg, Germany: Thesis "Adaptation to Climate Change within Multi-purpose Forest Management Using Simulation-Optimization Models"

07.2000-12.2002: MSc Forestry and Forest Economcis, University of Tehran, Iran: Thesis: "Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Oriental Beech (Fagus Orientalis L.) Stands in Fandoghloo Area towards Close-to-nature Forestry System"

07.1996-06-2000: BSc Natural Resources Engineering-Forestry, University of Guilan, Iran

Professional Career

Seit 10/2014: Assistent Professor (Adademischer Rat a. Z.), Chair of  Forestry Economics and Forest Planning, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany

07/2013–09/2014: Postdoc Scientist, Max-Planck-institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany

07/2013–09/2014: Postdoc Scientist, Max-Planck-institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany

05/2013–06/2013: Research Associate, Forest Research Institute of Baden Württemberg (FVA-BW), Freiburg, German

06/2010–05/2013: Postdoc, Danish Forest and Landscape Centre, University of Copenhagen

06/2010–05/2013: Postdoc, Danish Forest and Landscape Centre, University of Copenhagen

07/2009–12/2009: Research Associate, Institute of Forestry Economics, University of Freiburg

01/2009–06/2009: Research Associate, Institute of Forest Growth, University of Freiburg




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– 2017 –                             

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